“Gentle Ben” first became interested in massage after a motorcycle accident. During his rehab, he found himself in need of a place to recover and exercise. He went to work at what used to be a European Health Spa that had been turned into Spa Fitness/Spa Lady. There, he met a gentleman by the name of Billy Taylor who was blind and offered massage at the gym. Billy became his mentor in massage for the next few years while he was taking classes at Medical College of Georgia and working as a fitness trainer. He moved to Atlanta with the fitness craze and was part of opening 10 Spa Ladies in the Atlanta area. He worked as a contractor at the same time as well as offering massage part time. As the contracting industry fell off in the late 90s, he found himself searching for a new career path. He worked for several companies as a project manager but was not really where he wanted to be. In 2006, he received a letter from the Georgia massage board that if he was going to continue offering massage in Ga, that he would need to get licensed as a massage therapist. Not having any class hours, he went to one of the local massage school (CEI) and enrolled in classes. He graduated from Lincoln Technology in 2007 and started Gentle Ben’s Massage Therapy in Marietta Ga. He attended a continuing education class at an AMTA event and meeting and joined AMTA in 2007. Since then, he has become actively involved in outreach for AMTA Ga. He has been the outreach chair since 2008. Being the lead in such events as the Susan G. Komen walk, McKeevers First Ride, MS Cycle Events, Georgia Mission of Mercy, American Cancer Society, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and health fairs around Ga. He has been a volunteer for the American Massage Conference for the past five years. He has served as the 1st VP for the AMTA Ga chapter for the last 3 years as well as being a delegate with the House of Delegates for four years.  "Gentle Ben" now shares his experience and knowledge as an educator with Educated Touch.