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Cervical Release Techniques

$60.00 US

Angie Dubis, the presenter for this course is an educator with the national massage and spa products distribution company BIOTONE.


Angie will use video demonstrations to show you the bodies function is determined by its form. When there is chronic muscle tension or injury the bodies form is compromised. The cervical release techniques included in this course will demonstrate how to unwind tight soft tissue and restore form and function.

Common Thread Between Techniques and Body Mechanics
$60.00 US

Bruce Baltz, the presenter for this course is an educator with the national massage and spa products distribution company Bon Vital.


Bruce will use video demonstrations to show you how to bring together conscious body movement around the table and emphasize the importance of working out of choice; not out of habit. You will see how a stone can be an extension of your hand and how the base of massage therapy techniques can remain the same. Learn the power of hydrotherapy when combined with soft tissue manipulation.

CranioCradle: An Extra Set of Therapy Hands $60.00

Barb Richmond is the creator of the Cranio Cradle a home therapy system. In this course Barb will walk you through several massage techniques that include video demonstrations showing you how to utilize the CranioCradle as an extra set of hands in your therapy session and to convey to your clients the benefits of this massage tool when used at home as a self help tool. We will show you how easy it is to retail this tool creating an additional revenue stream. Upon completion of this course you will have knowledge and confidence necessary to use and retail the CranioCradle.



Dr. Andreo Spina is the creator and head instructor of Functional Anatomic Palpation Systems (F.A.P.™) and Functional Range Release (F.R.®) Techniques.


In this course Dr. Andreo Spina uses video demonstrations that will introduce you his Functional Range Release Technique workshop. Dr. Spina will describe proper technique of palpation, assessment, and treatment (using the patented F.R. Release ® method) of the medial thigh region. This course will enlighten and inspire you to become better acquainted with soft tissue and how to keep that soft tissue healthy.

Hot Towel Facial Massage $60.00

Ruxandra Cipriani is a holistic practitioner and instructor for ONE Concept. Ruxandra uses video demonstrations to walk the student through this Hot Towel Mini Facial Spa Treatment which can be utilized as a standalone treatment or as an add on after a full body massage.

Either way this treatment will enhance the well being and relaxation of your client. You will learn how to use an organic essential oil line of products, to cleanse, tone and moisturize your clients face, while providing a relaxation massage.

Massage Cupping and Medi-Cupping for the Whole Body $60.00

Anita is the Director of Advanced Continuing Education (ACE) and the presenter for this course.

Want a fun, results-oriented new methodology to massage? Discover gentle, non-invasive techniques that achieve powerful results!

ACE Massage Cupping™ & MediCupping™ therapies are a highly effective addition to any therapeutic practice and complements many health care modalities including massage therapy, chiropractic, spa therapies, physical therapy, nursing and esthetics.

This course will use video demonstrations to show you the use of basic ACE techniques for each area of the body, including drainage that is so essential after vacuuming the tissues. Don't miss an opportunity to view and practice one of the most revolutionary, valuable and versatile tools available today.

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