Walt Fritz Biography

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Walt Fritz, PT has been a physical therapist since 1985 and has been practicing myofascial release since 1992. He has worked in inpatient/outpatient settings, early intervention/school settings, developmental disabilities, home care, and has been in a solo manual therapy practice since 2000. Starting in 2006, he moved the traditional myofascial release narrative away from less-than-plausible models of energy medicine and emotional-based beliefs into more plausible models of neurological change. He teaches his Upper Body and Lower Body classes to PTs, OTs, and MTs. Since 2013 he has added a class directed toward speech-language pathologists, with focused intervention to the neck and head region. He takes a decidedly different approach to myofascial release and manual therapy, working toward an explanatory narrative that represents current thinking and science, as well as adding a feedback-based model of explanation that includes a more patient-directed approach. Fascia-enthusiasts may at first take issue with Walt’s diminished emphasis on the belief that we are impacting fascia as a direct and primary result of treatment, but soon see the simplicity of an approach that takes off the blinders. Touch and manual therapy have universal qualities that can be explained in a wide variety of ways, including from a myofascial release perspective.