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The CMC 2018 Post-Conference Education Day featuring Erik Dalton - The Creator of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT)

Dalton is a recognized pioneer in the bodywork community. His prolific writing and highly educational courses earned him induction into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame in 2007 and the ONE Concept Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. All of his workshops and home-study courses are recognized by the NCBTMB.

Erik Dalton Day | Neck Cricks, Sciatica and Sports Injuries| 7 Hour

This lively workshop is loaded with exciting new stuff including Erik’s “neuropathic pain for sports injuries.” He’ll also be introducing Pain Exposure Therapy for patient’s suffering from sensory motor amnesia, radiculopathies, and tendinopathies.

In this 7-hour (70% hands-on) workshop, you will learn to:

• Treat head “righting reflexes” that cause cervicogenic strain
• Distinguish between upper cervical and typical cervical vertebrae disorders
• Reduce protective muscle spasm due to joint fixation
• Distinguish between nerve and tendinopathy pain
• Level the head and tail to reduce central nervous system noise
• Enhance breathing & performance with rib springing techniques
• Apply biosocial applications of pain in the therapy room

Learn to assess & correct:

• Neck cricks
• Rotator cuff and dowager’s rib pain
• Overhead sports injuries
• Sciatica and piriformis syndrome
• Ankle sprains, shin splints & plantar fasciitis
• SI joint and lumbar protective muscle spasm

Participants will receive full-color teaching guides that detail each technique learned. Special video animation, anatomy dissection and dozens of head-to-toe connective tissue techniques that stimulate the visual learner, while relaxed practice sessions delight kinesthetically attuned therapists. 

The Myoskeletal Method focuses on unusual, interesting and fresh approaches that expand technique repertoire and inspire creativity and innovation. These immediately useful neuromyoskeletal routines offer participants a variety of healing tools that set them apart in the eyes of clients and referral sources. Learn WHY they work, and HOW to change the brain’s mind about pain through touch!

This is a hands on class. Please bring a treatment table (to share between 2 people) as well as linens and lotion. Also, it is best if you can wear comfortable clothing(tank tops and shorts) are recommended.

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