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frequently  asked questions

Registration FAQ'S

Please log on to and choose your pass. Acceptable payments are VISA and Mastercard. No American Express at this time. (We recommend you always bring an email confirmation in case there is an issue at the door.)

Q:  Can I phone in to register?
A:  YES, please call our registration desk at 877-387-9111 ext 111

Q:  Do I have to pre-register?
A:  NO, but if you register on site, you will encounter line ups and you may not be able to get into the classes of your choice.

Q:  Is there an opportunity to pre-register on-site?
A:  You will always be able to register on-site over the course of the entire Conference.

Q:  What is the cost?
A:  Our Conference offers a few different types of registration, and each Conference may have varying prices.

The BEST value is our GOLD LEAF VIP PASS. This pass allows access for the entire 4 days, to the trade show hall, ANY 1 hour classes, 3 hour classes and Certificate Classes (7 Hours). 

The RED LEAF PASS allows access to the trade show hall for up to 3 days and access to ANY of the 1 hour and 3 hour CE classes.  You must register for those classes as space is limited. If you choose to take any full day classes, you must upgrade to the GOLD LEAF VIP PASS.

FREE Student Day.  ONE Concept Conferences understands that our students are our future and to honor this, we hold a special event just for Students and recent graduates.  

Q:  Is there a student rate?
A:  Students attending Friday's Smart From The Start Seminar will have FREE access to the Seminar AND will be given access to the trade show for 3 days. They will be granted access into some of the 1 hour classes ONLY IF THERE IS AVAILABILITY,  BUT will not be able to collect CE credits for them.

Q:  What to do when I arrive?
A:  When you arrive, please come to the registration area to pick up your badge, and pick up your lanyard, program guide and passport and you are free to find your classes or enter the trade show hall. If you wish to change or add any classes at this time, our friendly staff will assist you on-site.

Q:  My first Conference...What Do I Wear??
A:  This question is far more common than you would believe!! Wear whatever you are comfortable in. If you are looking to make business introductions...wear business attire. If you are simply taking classes and shopping, shorts, jeans, yoga wear, etc. is acceptable.

General FAQ's

Parking & Accommodation:
The Holiday Inn Burlington is offers free parking onsite.  Hotel is located at  3063 South Service Rd, Burlington ON L7N 3E9 (905) 639-4443.

Raffles and Prizes:
We do raffles and giveaways at the end of all 3 days. We do try to give people in late classes time to arrive at the trade show hall.

We always welcome volunteers for our events. They wouldn’t happen without the efforts of everyone that helps us out. Once you register for the event buy purchasing your GOLD LEAF VIP OR RED LEAF PASS, you can add a Volunteer time slot. Once you arrive at the event, check in at Registration.


Q:  What if I'm a student and I want to take classes?
A:  You must pre-register and be in attendance for FREE Student Day.  Students who attend FREE Student Day will be granted access to the Conference and may attend any 1 hour or 3 hour class based on availability.  NO CE's.

Q:  How do I get my CE credits reported to my governing body?
A:  To receive CE's, a ONE Concept Conference Pass must be purchased.  ONE Concept Student Passes are not eligible for CE's.  For RMT's, have your passport stamped at each class you attend and this is YOUR copy for your records. You need to make sure that you sign in AND stamped out of each class.

Q:  Do I get certificates for my classes?
A:  You will receive a certificate for any FULL day classes.

Q:  Do I have to pay for 1 hour classes?
A:  Anyone who has PAID for the ONE Concept Conference Pass or has registered and attended FREE Student day will have access to all 1 hour classes. (Students only based on availability at time of class)  Space is limited, so paid pass holders should pre-register online to guarantee your spot. The full day classes are only available to the GOLD LEAF VIP PASS holders You MUST also pre-register for these classes.

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